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“Decision Doors” is an enjoyable and easy warm-up game that you can play. Here’s how to play the game:

  1. Click on any door to reveal what’s behind it.
  2. To reset the game, click the refresh arrow at the screen’s top right corner. Have fun playing!

Notes and Credits

You can play and edit the game on Scratch at the following link:


The inspiration for this game came from students frequently asking, “What’s behind the doors?” in reference to a photo in our course material. The image was intended to illustrate the concept of “decide”.


This can be a fun little warm-up for younger kids after you have done the greeting. When they respond to you, they can choose a door. I normally let each student choose two doors.

Online Class

I would ask each student to play the game individually for online classes. This was a good way to check that the students knew how to turn on their microphones and as a way for me to test that I could hear. I would play the game the same as the warm-up idea.

Guessing Game

After I have played this game a few times with the students, I like to change the way to play the game. A way to do this is to get the class to try and guess what is behind each door. It is almost impossible for them to be correct, so if your students don’t like this sort of game, don’t play it with them. For this version of the game, I ask each student what they think will be behind door number 1. after they have all given me an answer. I will click on the door to reveal the answer. You don’t need to remember what each student said, as when you show them, the people who guessed correctly will look happy and tell you that it was what they said.

Sentence Practice

This can also be used to practice sentences like

  • I have a/an (item)
  • I like/don’t like (item)
  • You have (open one door) I have (click another door)
  • What’s this? It’s a/an (item)

This can be a two-player game with a questioner and an answerer or just the students answering your questions.

Player one can ask the question, and player two can click the board and use that item as the answer.

P1: What do you have?

P2: I have a watermelon.

A web image of a grey page with four white doors, each door with a red number from 1 to 4 underneath it. Across the top of the screen is the title “Decision Doors” Under that is the subtitle “Choose a door, what will you find?”
Decision Doors

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