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a 3x3 grid show in a game in progress. images on the top row, chest, Diamond, rock, the second row. diamond, diamond, chest and on the last bottom row. three chests. there is a play button on the top right and a diamond image with a score counter.
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In the 5 Diamonds Game, your goal is to find all five diamonds before hitting the bomb! This fun and challenging game, inspired by Taskmaster, is perfect as a break or reward activity. Keep in mind that there is only one bomb and three rocks, but the rocks are just there for decoration. Can you find all five diamonds before it’s too late?

Notes and Credits

I got the idea for this game from a Taskmaster task where they had to find five Pink Lady apples. The task included clues to their location.

However, I think the game is too difficult and needs some improvements to make it more enjoyable and playable.

You can play and edit the game on Scratch at the following link:


This game can be a fun break, warm-up, or reward activity.

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