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Gem Finder is a simple game that helps kids practice numbers from one to twelve. Click on a rock to see what you get – collect as many diamonds as possible, but watch out for the dinosaur!

Notes and Credits

You can play and edit the game on Scratch at the following link:


This game can be used to practice numbers from one to twelve. I normally use it as a reward, warm-up, or fun break time game.


After a greeting with the teacher, let the student play the game. Their final score could be saved and added to their class scores later.

Online Class

I would ask each student to play the game individually for online classes. I found this was a good way to check that the students knew how to turn on their microphones and as a way for me to test that I could hear.

As a reward Game

This game can be long if they get lucky and uncover all twelve rocks. So I would use this only at the end of a big activity as a transition or Brain break before the next task.


Each rock has a number, so the online students could tell me which rock to click. However, since returning to teaching offline, I have used this for counting and number games.

Students can count from one to twelve clicking the rocks. It can be a way for students to practice speaking the number in random order.

An image of a cartoon desert scene with rocks numbered from 1 to 12. At the top of the screen is a large play button and a score counter.
Gem Finder

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