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A fun weather-based game. Look at the background and choose the correct item for that weather. The games will show you four different types of weather. Rainy, sunny, windy and snowy. Players need to match one of the four items, kite, umbrella, hat and sunglasses.

Notes and Credits

You can play and edit the game on Scratch at the following link:


We use this game in our weather classes as a fun way to practice weather vocabulary and develop logical skills for matching items.

On each screen of the game, the teacher can ask the students:

Teacher: “How’s the weather?”

Students: “It’s sunny,” “it’s rainy,” “it’s windy,” “it’s cold,” (depending on the background of the scene on the screen).

Teacher: “What do we need?”

Students: “We need” (an umbrella, sunglasses, a kite, a hat).

Cartoon image of a woman standing with a windy background. There are four buttons along the bottom of the screen, including an umbrella, hat, sunglasses, and a kite.
Weather Game

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