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Creating PowerPoint Presentations on iPhone: Guide

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Recently, I have needed to do a lot of work while on my iPhone. One of the things that I needed to do was create a few simple PPTs for classes. These PPTs only need to be a keyword or a sentence, so nothing too complicated. The Microsoft PowerPoint mobile app did a fantastic job with these. At first, I only planned to build the first draft on my phone, but some of the results have been good. It’s so good that I wanted to share how to do this so that you can all use it to get at least your first drafts made.

Building PowerPoint Presentations

1. Open PowerPoint for iOS

Open the IOS App on your phone and press the little Plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on the Create with Outline button at the top of the screen.

2. Added Content to Your Outline

The next page is where we start to build our PPT. Looking at this page, you can see that it first asks you to enter the Presentation Title and a Subtitle. This box will create the title slide, the first slide in your PPT. The next box is the same for each slide. As you add them, it will ask you to enter the Title of Slide and a bullet list called Content. You don’t need to add anything to the content box; if you do, it just adds a bullet list to your final slide. This isn’t useful for my classes but may be useful for you.

  • Add the title and Content for each slide, press return on your keyboard to create a new slide or press the plus icon in the toolbar.
  • When you are done, press the Next button in the top right corner.
An informative web image displays three screenshots of an iPhone. The first screenshot shows the option to select or create a PPT page, and the following two screenshots demonstrate the creation of slides. This visual aid provides a clear and concise representation of the process of creating slides on an iPhone.

3. Preview the Presentation

This will generate a new PPT from the information you just added and show it on the Preview page. You can select from different template designs at the bottom of the Preview page. I can normally find a design here that fits with what I am looking for, or this will give me ideas on how I want to rebuild this PPT later when I can get on my computer.

Comparison of two different designs for a PowerPoint presentations on iPhone. The screenshots showcase the same content presented in two distinct styles.

4. Saving the Presentation

The final step is to save your new PPT. Click on the save button on the top left of the Preview page, and you will be presented with a few options for saving your PPT.

  • OneDrive
  • On My Phone
  • Files App

I have a folder in iCloud where I save all my school files, so I always choose the Files App option and save my PPT to the school folder.

In this post, I have shared with you what I think is a quick and simple way to build simple PPTs on your phone that you can either use straight away or use as a first draft to generate ideas for your final presentation. If you found this helpful, you might also like my other PowerPoint posts, such as How to Make Silhouettes in PowerPoint and How to Build and Use PowerPoint Flip Book Games.


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