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Shark Chase: A Fun Tapper-Chase-Style Game for Students where you can play as either the shark or the fish. If you choose to play as the fish, your goal is to run away and escape. If you choose to play as the shark, your goal is to eat the fish. Click the start button to begin the game, and tap your button repeatedly until one of you wins.

Notes and Credits

You can play and edit the game on Scratch at the following link:


As an incentive game, students play to save a fish. Each time they answer a question or finish a class task, they get to move the fish. To keep the game exciting, you can occasionally move the shark.

Many kids are eager to tap the board, so I often use this as a variation of rock-paper-scissors. Two students play, and the winner is chosen.

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Cartoon underwater scene: a blue shark is chasing a clownfish on the right. Two big buttons are located under them: a blue one that says "shark" and an orange one that says "fish".

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