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Welcome to Rocket Race! In this tapper-style game, you’ll compete against three other rockets – red, pink, green, and purple – to be the first to reach outer space. After clicking the play button, a grey button will appear under each rocket. Tap the button under your rocket as fast as possible to reach outer space before anyone else! Good luck!

Notes and Credits

You can play and edit the game on Scratch at the following link:


Incentive Game

This is an incentive game. Divide the class into four groups, and let each group choose one of the four rockets to represent their team. Each time they earn a point in class, move their rocket that many spaces. The goal for the students is to be the first group to leave the screen.

Tapper Game

I use this game as a warm-up activity at the start of class. Two students come up and choose a rocket each. After they have answered the warm-up question, they get to race. They can tap on the rocket button as fast as they can to move it. This version of the game can also be used as a decision-making game, like rock-paper-scissors.

Other Games

Cartoon style image with four rockets racing of into the sky, from left to right, a red rocket, pink rocket, green rocket, and a purple rocket.

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